Information About Nazilli;


Nazilli, is one of the oldest settlements in the Aegean Region. The exact date of the first settlement in the province is unknown.However, the Luwian are known to have settled in Menderes Valley, located in the Karya Region.

Mas tavra city, founded by the Lydians, is known to be the first settlement in the region. As it was on the trade route (Hierapolis-Tripolis-Mas tavra-Nysa-Tralleis-Magnesia-Ephesus) between the Asia Minor, Aegean and rich Ionian civilizations, Nazilli gained importance and thus developed.

In 546 BC the Persians invaded and gained control of the region after defeating the Lydians. During the Persian reign the province, just like the rest of the region became a part of the Sardines.

During the Asian expedition in 344 BC, Alexander the Great took over the control of the region which then became a part of Macedonia. After the death of Alexander, the Seleucids gained control and then the Roman Empire ruled the region.

Only by the end of the military and political conflicts generated by the spread of the Romans rule to the Western Anatolia in the 2nd century BC, the region could finally start to developin the first and second centuries AD For the local people and serf, production centers were built and the economic life of the province was revived.

Large plains were spared for crops. Besides grape, fig and olive, the range of agricultural production was extended with other fruits such as orange and lemon. Although not common, the cultivation of cotton started at that time.

After the disintegration of the Roman Empire in 395, the province became a part of the eastern Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire.

As the Byzantine Empire focused mainly on the capital Istanbul in its political, religious, economic and cultural expansion, the economy and trade volume decreased drastically in the fertile region of Menderes Against all odds, the Christian belief increased the importance of the province. In the Byzantine era Afrodisias and Harpasa (Arpaz) became the center of episcopacy.

After the Myriokephalon victory of the Seljuk dynasty, who initiated the turkification of Anatolia , Nazilli along with the rest of the region came under the influence of this new culture and civilization.

In the Seljuk era, clans such as Gökhan, Dağhan, Gediklü, Haydarlı, Hoca-beyli, Kireges, Toygar, Alayuntlu, Kızıllar and Bayındır , branches of Oguz turks were among the first settlers in the region. As these clans practiced weaving, , the cotton production peaked at that time.

In the late Seljuk era Menteşe Beyliği , founded in Muğla and neighboring provinces\ conquered Sultanhisar and Nazilli , and in 1280 Mehmet Bey, the ruler of the Aydınoğulları Beyliği took over the region.

In the Ottoman era Yıldırım Beyazıt conquered Nazilli and neighboring towns in 1390. After Tamerlane invaded Anatolia in 1402 by defeating Beyazıt in the Ankara war, he ruled the region for a short period and remained here for the winter due to its favorable climateDuring the retrieval of his soldiers from Anatolia, Tamerlane , helped Musa Bey, the heir of Aydın Beyliği, declare his independence. Nonetheless, Musa Bey passed away in the very same year and his son Gazi Umur Bey acceded in 1402.

At short notice, Murat the second, the Ottoman sultan, took the control of the region once and for all.




The history of each and every has two aspects. The first one is the documented truth and the second one is based on legends passed on from generation to generation. While the first one is written by the historians, the second is by the people themselves.

- There are many opinions and rumors about the name of Nazilli. According to famous Greek historian Strabo, there was a city founded by west Anatolian migrants called Nazi (or Nozi). Then it became Naz-ili (nozi-ili).

  - According to another historian Hammer, the province was called Bazarköy at first (Pazarköy) but later on it got the name of Nazilli . According to great Turkish Explorer Evliya Çelebiye Nazilli's name is relatively new.. . In the 17th century Nazilli was a big city Famous for its beautify and coy girls. (coy means nazlı in Turkish), . So the city was named after this feature, Naz-İli

- According to a different opinion, the Turks ended the Byzantine reign in the Menderes valley in the 12th century. Later on a Turkish clan, called Nazlu settled in the region. The clan members are told to have named the first village where they settled after themselves.

- Nazlu village was located on a small hill at the crossroads of west-east roads, 5 km away from the actual Nazilli with a view of Menderes plains. The village name Nazlu might have become Nazilli in the course of time.

While many tales are told about the name Nazilli, the people explain it through a love story. Whether it really happened or not, the folks, through this sad story seem to have wanted to associate the name of the city with love, eternalizing both the name of the girl and the city aThe name, however, was undoubtedly given after the turks settled in the area.




Nazilli, is a town attached to Aydın province and located on 37°54'45¨N 28°19'14¨E coordinates. Nazilli is surrounded with Kuyucak in the east, Sultanhisar in the west, Yenipazar in the southwest, Alaşehir in notheast , Bozdoğan in the south, and Karacasu in the southeast. The total area is 644 km2.The plains inthe Büyük Menderes Basin widens in Nazilli and it gets longer than 10 km in north to east direction. The plains on which Nazill is located is 75-80 m higher than the sea level. Its lowest point is Çerkez plain between the Akçay river and the Büyük Menderes river. Taking their sources from Nazilli and flowing into the Büyük Menderes river İsa beyli, Dallıca-Gereniz, Dereköy and Mergen are among the main streams in the province. Mt. İsmet is located between Nazilli and Kuyucak with an approximative height of 1200 meters . Karadağ(1,306 m), Eren (1,358 m) Kocahüyük (1,458 m) and Karıncalıdağ are among the main hills of the region and reach out to the town of Pirlibey. Karıncalıdağ starts steep but gets smoother. It's about 1600 meters high. The highest peak is Karlık with 1700 meters. Mt. Madran is in the west of Mt. Karıncalı. Menderes River flows curved. Mt. Gökbel is in the west of Mt. Madran. While the south parts of the mountain is covered with forests, the north part is steep. Kahvederesi and Nacipınar plains are located on the outskirts of Mt. Karıncalı. The Menderes river passes through the Menderes valley in Nazilli. The humus soil is fertile. Plains to the east of Bozdoğan are called Çerkez lowland wherecotton is widely cultivated. The highest peaks of the region are Mt. Çamlık (1,742 m) in the northeast, Mt. Karıncalı (1,705 m) in the southeast and Mt. Madran (1,792 m)( in the south of Nazilli. Fertile agricultural zones and easy access to the province made it to suitable for settlements and set down the location of downtown. The city lies in north-south direction in an elliptical shape. Nevertheless, the city has started to grow and develop in the east-west direction in recent years although the fact that fertile agricultural plains are not zoned for construction prevents the city from developing on the banks of the Menderes river.


The elliptical shape that widens in Yukarı Nazilli narrows down in Aşağı Nazilli and İzmir – Aydın - Denizli railway and highway split the city in an east to west direction.