Nazilli Commodity Exchange was established with the Trade Ministry’s approval in 1966, pursuant to the law numbered 5590. As the election board has been unable to constitute a minimum of five professional committees, it appointed the commodity exchange council with the votes cast by professional groups in an election which was held on September 8, 1966. The first commodity exchange assembly was established by a council consisting of A. Fuat Amasya, Alim Mumcu, Hilmi Erten, Ragıp Kutsal, Emin Elgün, Mahmut Bükey, O. Zeki Gökçe, Ahmet Erkut, A. Erdoğan Sütçü and Nuri Dokumacı. The stock exchange has actually initiated its activities with 75 members as from January 1, 1967. Our commodity exchange furnishes services in its service building, which is located on an area of approximately 487 m2.

The first registry was recorded with the register of the Sümerbank Nazilli Printing Industry Enterprise’s sales of cotton seeds aimed at oil production for 0.76 TL to Söke Değirmencilik Ltd. on 30.03.1967. As of this date, Nazilli Commodity Exchange has been furnishing services and taking its place in the region’s economic life in accordance with principles of the law and regulations.

After the Turkish Chambers, Commodity Exchanges and Union Law numbered 5174 was enacted in 2004, all of the activities started to be conducted in accordance with the Law numbered 5174, as well as the regulations enacted in accordance with this law.